Photo: George Foster 

Photo: George Foster 

"Keenly aware of the desperate need for an injection of consistency, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets served up an offering of refined prog rock, though certainly different enough from Pond and bands of that ilk not to be written off as "just another psych band". Smoothly alternating between smoky grooves and bombastic breakdowns in a number of irregular time signatures, the audience were forced to engage and get swept up in the delightful cacophony of obscure rhythms and melodies. More impressive than their outstanding pentatonic wizardry was how confident they were in their stage presence and sound, allowing for a relaxed and flowing command of every painstaking detail evident in each song. These boys have hit the ground running and it would seem Perth has another serious contender on its hands."                       

- Craig English THEMUSIC.COM.AU

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