Well It’s finally here! 
Eight assiduous months in the making and we cannot wait to share it with you. 

It’s been an exploration of creation through orchestrated arrangements of noise. A compilation of intoxicated discussion reflecting this abstruse existence, a thoroughly sieved cross section of perceived culture that fluctuates through patterns of attention, some of our protagonist, some that his mind recall, some that his second mind recalls which speaks without a tongue. 

It’s taken a lifetime to gather, years to analyse and re-analyse. What is it all? Does it need meaning or should it not even need explaining (I’ll just put my hand down). Well we’ve decided. Yes! In-fact it needs showcasing! In musical form! With violins! And real people! So lets answer it, let’s open that puddle of ideas that are yet to be studied and dive into something uncharted. Let’s question everything in search of an answer to everything.


The weeks started to flower and we well and truly questioned everything, and I literally do mean everything. Starting with this Universe because we thought that might be the easiest place to start. It didn’t take long before we soon realised there was far too much meaningless information that we had to chew through, so we created a new one. Simple really. 

Where do you start when creating a universe? Part One? Part 0.1? Part Zero? Everything relating to this home you call ‘self’ is somehow transient and never really had a start, so however oxymoronic that may be it seems there isn’t a place to start, it’s already in production. So with that in mind we merely continued... So off we went, continuing. 

We sat down, plugged in and rationed out our Analakshmi’s. The recording was birthed. Noise complaint’s soon arrived, officials from the Town of Vincent shortly after and a few lovely police officers made their way into my lucid barn I was residing in at the time. I bought a shiny new fuzz pedal to keep the neighbours happy and when our power bill had been paid we carried on with the task, questioning everything.

We sniffed out our most talented friends along the way and acquired the ever brilliant skills of Michael Jelinek, a sorcerer who flung his gigantic mixing powers all over our sounds, WAHHHHHH!!! It smelt like a fresh batch of geraniums, ohhhhhh how I wish it stained my nostrils. We new we were close to the question, sense was beginning to blossom. 

With our newly formulated idea extractor we were churning out thoughts, ridiculous ones, great ones, shit ones, it didn’t matter, the drugs were working and thats all we cared about. The questions were flying out. 

Another a month or two passed and we were starting to feel professor like. We’d long rid ourselves of those 9-5 realities which hinge on stagnant repetitiveness. This was our universe! Amidst a Monet’s world we built from the tip of our tongue, we had truly emphasized everything. 

Surely it must be close, there wasn’t a penny left and our escapades were only increasing, sound was pouring out at an exponential rate, the same rate funnily enough our bank accounts were depleting. Then... A whisper from the wise wizard, Lord Jelly has mixed the album.

Silence, ear rattling silence paraded round our world... It was finished, sweet nectar of the gods my mouth drooled. To forensic audio we cried! Off we faired with the tracks in hand, our megalith of madness, the manuscript to an answer far greater than any of us could have dreamed. “GARY!!!!” I screamed, “GARYYYYYYYY!!!!” Simon Struthers worked his magic and after 7 and a half months of mind expanding, universe building, culture analysing musical absurdities it was only 2 weeks away. 

The minutes passed and we counted every 20160 of them. Then... On a glorious summers morning in the middle of January, the news the Porn Crumpet boys had waited so long for, there question was ready! A mouth watering concoction only Plato used to fathom, the philosophies of time compressed into 10 tracks, every detail contemplated and conversed over after months of hard work was finally ready for ears.

Our question to answer everything finished. It thinks without rails, imagines without boundaries and comprehends life daily because there is always far more salt than a pinch, I want a fistful! yet carry on it states! Then carry on some more! High Visceral is ready to question with you and be your sound sherpa for those life pondering times, whatever universe you’re in. So lets get extra-dimensional, lets get perceptual and lead with unconventional intentions into every situation. I'm so off the point, just come man.