Over a year in the making, a year of adventures and tales all compressed into 44 minutes. There are so many people to thank….

Jelly for his incredible efforts mixing, Dave Parkin for his brilliance at Blackbird, The DCA for helping to fund the project, Dylan and Karen from Rhubarb Records for your constant support and help with getting our baby pressed to vinyl. Ben Caddy, Jamie Canny, Zoe Gol, Chris Young and Jon Tooby for your contributions to the album. J’aime our manager and everybody who came to see us live or bought one of our records. All our friends and family who let us use their space for recording (and put up with us showing them demos throughout construction) and anybody else who has helped us on this journey so far.

Hope you get as much enjoyment listening as we did tinkering away all them hours.

This is High Visceral {Part 2}.